On a musical note, I discovered a really awesome artist the other day that you too might like. She's called Emily and runs a one woman band (i.e. she writes all the instrumental and vocal parts, records and engineers them) named 'The Vacuum Party'. Currently her newest song 'Undertow' (or 'Across the Sea' as it appears in the second music player) is one of my favourite discoveries, so have a listen and see if she rocks your boat. There are two versions of it, and personally I like the second version best. This first version is taken from her musical tumblr.

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

This second one comes from her myspace profile. After you've heard Undertow/Across the Sea on there, check out her other stuff, it's all pretty cool and a great variety of styles. Her music will be available to purchase here. Rock on.